So you're thinking about logo design? But you’ve spoken to us about our banding packages and we’ve asked you a few questions like: ‘Do you want an icon?’ ‘Have you got a strapline?’ ‘Is having a submark something you want to include??’ 

And you quite frankly have no idea what we are on about? 

Scroll down for our full guide on the different parts of logo design….


The centrepiece...this is the name of the brand. It should be eye-catching but readable. 


An Icon is an emblem signifying characteristics or qualities of the company. It can be used to identify the company on its own. ⁠It could be a shortened version of the logo or it could be a symbol or illustration. We’ll make you a few different options. 


This encapsulates what the company stands for, it’s values and it’s personality. ⁠It should be short and snappy but actually mean something and be memorable. 


A less detailed version of your primary logo. It can be used as a secondary mark similar to a watermark. ⁠This is great for packaging and backgrounds for social and business cards. 

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