Thinking about getting a website design but not sure how to go about it? Firstly, follow our 5 step guide to writing a website brief to get you started:

1. What does your website needs to achieve

What your designer will need to know:

  • How established is your brand? Do you have set brand guidelines or are you thinking about having a rebrand?
  • Does your branding appear on certain items?
  • What is your strategy at present?
  • Give a historical background in what you have done.
  • Add anything you believe to be relevant.
  • What is your competition?
  • What works well within your industry and what doesn’t?
  • Is your site end goal to generate leads, make appointments or have a shoppable product?

We’ll need to know all about your brand, where it’s positioned whether you have a strategy or not.

2. USP

Secondly, when writing a website brief do you have a USP? A USP (Unique selling point) is what sets you apart from the competition. In addition, it is important to know this as it can influence the design content and structure of your website.

3. Target Audience

Thirdly who are your target group (age, gender, those of a particular interest, businesses within a sector or individuals seeking a solution to a problem?) After all, It may be worthwhile really looking at your research to scale to a particular target audience?

4. Additional Functions

Fourthly, what additional functions will your website need if any? Above all, this could be access through a password protected area or CRM system.

5. Website content

Last of all when writing your website brief do you already have written content for your website and blog posts? In addition, this goes hand in hand with SEO (search engine optimisation) as you’ll want keywords to be flooding your website which will allow a better chance of appearing on the google results page.

Once you have all this information ready we’ll be able to quote for your website design and implication. We’ll require your hosting details, written content and any imagery you have for your brand to help with the design.

If you are happy once you have completed the above steps email us at or book in a 30 minute video call on this page.

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